Transforming ordinary people into passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Equipping them with faith that works in real life. Empowering generations to fearlessly change the world.
We exist to create a community of authentic believers living the ‘Bible Way’ on purpose so that those who are far from God may find  'The WAY' to life, faith and hope through Jesus Christ!

About Our Pastor

Ambitious, Innovative, Enthusiastic and World Class are just some of the attributes used to describe Jamie House. He is an author, speaker, business trainer and established businessman, with a long career as a Licensed Financial Advisor. Pastor Jamie is the Senior Pastor of Bibleway based in Henrietta, NY since June 2019. He was entrusted with Bibleway Healing Assembly from the founding pastor, Bishop Eulah M. Nelson, after 53 years of operation. Empowered by his experiences and years of training in the body of Christ, Pastor Jamie's prayer is to be instrumentally used by God to be a part of helping people become successful in every aspect of life. His sincere belief is that through faith, every believer can be equipped, empowered and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of God’s word. Pastor Jamie is married to Lady Liz House. 

Meet the team.

Wilma Ashford

Pastoral C.A.R.E. Director 

Daric Bennett

Musical Director

Alicia Ward

C.A.R.E Global
Outreach Director

John McFadden

Youth Director

Johnnita Bennett

Ministry Director of Logistics & Protocol

Wilma Ashford | Liz House

Hearts of Beauty Women's
Fellowship Directors

Loretta Cummings

Kids Ministry Director 

Kamilah Swank

Communications Director

Michael Allen

Kingdom Culture Men's Fellowship Director

Ramona Sanders

Worship Leader 

Jerome Johnson

Senior Deacon/
Board of Directors Chairman/
Finance Director